Reservations and opening hours


Tuesday - Thursday 17-23, Friday - Saturday 17-01 and Sunday 15-22



At Spisa you can choose between three different seatings when you book online:

If you choose our 6-course menu "hela bordet" your reservation will be for 3,5 hours otherwise will your table reservation be for 2 hours wich is plenty of time to have a regular dinner at Spisa.


Please keep in mind that Internet booking is only available until we open each day. If you wish to book a table the same day after opening hours, please call

031-386 06 10 or send your booking request to


Helpful information:

We reserve the right to pass on the table to other guests if the booked party has not arrived within 20 minutes after the booked time. If you know you are going to be late, please let us know as soon as possible to avoid losing the table. We promise to try and contact you before passing on the table.


Looking forward to seeing you!