About us

Welcome to the modern food bar Spisa located on Övre Husargatan in Gothenburg. Here you'll be treated to food and experiences inspired by the French, Italian and Spanish kitchens.

Enjoy your meal with friends, in a group or on your own. Eat to your heart's content or settle for nibbling on something smaller –at the bar or in our dining area. Or, if you like, just have a drink.

At Spisa we serve our food in the same manner as at countryside restaurants all over Southern Europe, with pots and pans placed directly on the table. We encourage you to order any of our set menus or several dishes and try each other's food because we think the best way to enjoy food is by sharing it with your friends.


If you need help with cater! Do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide everything from easier cheese and charcuterie platters to full tasting menus.

Our bartenders Sylvain and Oscar is at your service creating drinks and cocktails. Spisa aim to be one of the leading bars in the swedish cocktail scene with our concept (KÅK´TEJL).

Bring your family and friends and experience everything we have to offer at Spisa!


The Staff at Spisa