Who we are

Björn & Sofie Persson - Restaurateurs at Spisa,
Koka, Björns Bar, Familjen and Persons på kajen

Rikard Nilsson - Restaurateur and executive chef at Spisa,
formerly head chef at Familjen

Björn Boman - Bar manager at Spisa, formerly bar manager at Pigalle and waiter at Familjen

Emma Wennerberg - Restaurant manager at Spisa, formerly sommelier at Swedish taste and Dorsia

Ann-Kristin Persson -Head chef at Spisa formerly working at Familjen and Björns bar

and of course every one else i the kitchen and on the dining room floor


Mathias,  Olivia, Rebecca, Christian, Karl, Mina,  Emma, Emma, Mira, Joao, och Peter